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Mixed use development

Walkable neighbourhoods
Long term sustainability
Materials and detailing
Principles of urban design
Property sizes and types
Development economics
Delivery of development
Negotiation of agreements

D Fairlie Partnership uses the sound principles of mixed use urbanism: working with and learning from local people, obtaining consents and delivering sustainable development. The Partnership is run and managed by Dominic Fairlie who has many years of experience of working with a development company in the North East of Scotland.

Landowners wishing to see development on their land will seek advice at the start of the process. If the landowner is expected to retain an interest in the local area after the development has been completed, they are increasingly looking for something that is sympathetic to the local area and will enhance rather than detract from the locality. The early decision taken by the landowner - of who to use to assist them in the promotion of their site - is a key to achieving success.

Development has a long term impact on the way that a community functions. Good urban design at the beginning of the process ensures that the development will integrate in harmony with its surroundings. The absence of good urban design, together with the approach taken by many in the development industry, can mean the new development lacks long term sustainability. Understanding the issues and designing them out at the beginning is where D Fairlie Partnership will add value.

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